Turbo Taxi reserves the right to refuse any person or person's that we believe will put our drivers in any danger or in any health (bio) hazard's, (bodily fluids, human waste, contagious symptoms...)
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Cameron Copeland
Turbo Taxi

Phone: 585-749-6648

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Turbo Taxi / Turbo LIMO

-   Your driver made me feel like I was someone famous; They took such good care of me on my way to the airport. Whenever I’m in town, there’s absolutely no other company I could even think of calling. 

Our Taxi service was established back in 2009 with a dream to become the best transportation option in the Geneseo area. We set out to achieve this by offering our clientele the most affordable, reliable and safe rides around town. 

Rest assured that we’ll get you there in style, glitz and comfort. We also believe in providing the safest rides around.

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